Soju, Yakult, and Sprite: Definitely a Smart Combi to Step Up your Liquor Tasting Game

By Chie Credo - Wednesday, November 17, 2021

While the week is about clutching down and earning substantial money to buy jeans and wraps that contain lemon, the weekend is about surviving as challenging as possible. Every weekend, at least, a certain kind of enthusiasm permeates - the kind that can turn even the most hideous hoax into an abruptly unforgettable experience.

On a weekend night, people are out to establish themselves and spread out to meet. After a long work week, it is a good idea to unwind with a few drinks. Let your mind wander. You deserve it. Drink up!

First off, did you know that Koreans often enjoy store-bought drinks while sitting outside a convenience store? Even mixing store-bought drinks has grown in popularity among Koreans, who have developed their own cocktail mixes using particular beverages such as JINRO soju and Yakult.

Who would have imagined that the milky-yogurty beverage in the iconic small plastic bottle could be matched with a strawberry-flavored soju? It may seem unusual, but it works when combined! There's just something about red fruit punch that makes me think tropical or fun, and it makes every moment better.


This cocktail has three ingredients that make it very palatable: Sprite, JINRO Soju, and Yakult. 

Soju is a popular, sturdy alcoholic beverage in Korea. It is frequently compared to vodka due to its mild flavor and clear appearance. Cocktails with similar flavors can be made by combining them with fruit juices, sodas, and other ingredients.

Yakult, on the other hand, is known for its "delectable flavor with a unique blend of silken citrus and vanilla flavors." It is a widely known probiotic drink known for its sweet taste and convenient packaging. Yakult contains an influential mixture of breathing cultures that help to improve skin conditions, our immune system, digestion, and more.

Furthermore, the most popular drink to top the cocktail off with is Sprite.  It adds a ripe citrus flavor to the glass while also increasing vitality.

If you want to make it a little more alcoholic, add a little more soju. You can also cut back on the Yakult in the recipe.

Simply combine all of the ingredients, and you can now enjoy drinking soju at a fraction of the cost!


Personally, I love how the Yakult sweetens the drink and balances out the alcoholic flavor of the soju. It signifies that it is a much better way to drink soju. Given the ingredients, it also pairs well with Korean dishes such as fried chicken. It's like living inside the gloomy romance of an endless film strip.

Some sips are better enjoyed sweet, but sugar isn't always the best way to get that flavor. Granulated sugar does not dissolve well in cold drinks or alcoholic beverages. It is here that having appropriate mixtures on hand can be an incredible way to achieve that delightful zest in your cocktails.

If you've been drinking straight soju all night and want something a little more diluted and creamy, this is the drink for you. Give it a shot and let me know how it goes!

JINRO Soju is available at your nearest 7/11 stores, as well as online through the JINRO Philippines website and on their official Lazada and Shopee stores.

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